It's , do you know who has your company's social media passwords?

79% of job seekers use social media
when searching for jobs...
what do your pages tell
candidates about your company?
(if they can find it them)

what's the difference between an ad you click and an ad you ignore?

how well the advertiser knows you, their next victim - I mean... "customer".

you've probably noticed that social media has an uncanny ability to show you ads for things you swear you've only thought about buying (but usually don't need). you know the ones we're talking about - the brands peddling that fancy leather wallet, or the flashy new shoes, or the newest fitness app...

those brands are pretty sure they've got you figured out (honestly, they probably have a point).

most people are aware of this happening, but here's the funny bit - most businesses seem to have missed the memo about the real value of this kind of thing. that's right, these shenanigans aren't just for selling products, they work just as well when you're on the hunt for your next unsuspecting employee.

why stop at selling inventory when you can sell dreams too (aka "jobs at your company")? social media empowers you to find out who's interacting with your company and your competitors, how they're doing it, and where it's happening.

using social media the right way will save you money on ads, attract more quality candidates, and help you fill job openings faster than your dog runs to the door when you get home.

but what if you don't have a social media strategy at all?


standing on a streetcorner and shouting product features at everyone you see isn't a good sales strategy

it's not a good recruiting strategy either, but most companies still do it.

they wait until they need to hire and then panic-post an old job description on a job board

if you want to grow your business, you need a recruiting strategy that gets you ahead of the game, and in today's world that strategy has to include social media.

ready to get proactive about your recruiting strategy?

put the "recruiting" in "social recruiting"

bonus: it doesn't involve spending all day on Facebook

spot the gaps
are you improving or
starting from scratch?
there's no point in building a strategy around platforms you don't have. you need to start by confirming what pages you have and - equally important - who owns those pages.
if the answer to the 2nd question is "the intern we had 5 years ago", then we might be looking at a fresh start (which is OK).
bridge building
social media isn't
a one-way street
the best way to start your journey towards relevant content is to follow in the paths of your competitors.
look for where and how they engage followers online, and then start doing the same kind of thing in the same places.
nothing grabs attention more quickly than a direct reply.
targeted expansion
you can't build a road unless
you know where it needs to go
who's paying attention to what you're posting, and where are they engaging with you?
use answers to refine your candidate persona.
if you're doing great on Instagram but seem invisible on LinkedIn, focus on levelling up Instagram pictures, reels, and descriptions.
use data to create increasingly personalized interactions with future candidates.

put social media to good use (for once)

learn more about your ideal candidates and show them what's great about working for you in a way job descriptions never could