it's hard to find
quality talent

especially when your company
has the online visibility of a
ninja in a dark room

remember 2015? what a year!

Hamilton debuted on broadway, T-Swift's 1989 tour was in full swing, the dress was turning friends into enemies...
and, it only took a single job post on Indeed to get a wave of applicants - you could backfill a role in days with virtually no planning ahead!

fast-forward to now...

Taylor's still topping the charts and you can still get Hamilton tickets, but what works (and what doesn't) in recruiting is very different.

in 2016, it took an average of 26 days to fill a job. by 2023, that number had rocketed up to 42 days.
and that increase isn't just because people have become more selective in their job hunt - a lot of it is because companies are still using a recruiting playbook from 2015.

so - what does it take to get back to filling openings like it's 2015?



candidates need to find you without knowing your company

(it's not as crazy as it sounds)
job-seekers probably aren't searching specifically for your company.

they're searching for job titles, and you're hoping they stumble across your job post.

the easier it is to find your company online, the more likely it is that your job posts will start popping up in more places (even without paying for job board advertising).

ready for job-seekers to start paying attention to the company behind your job posts?

SEO: not just for lead generation

3/4 of job seekers passively look for new opportunities while at their current job.
here's how to show up in their searches.

find your cool
look in the break room
not the board room

to find content that connects with job-seekers, talk to people who already have the job (or at least, people who already work at your company).
the things that matter most to a VP are rarely the things that matter most to your front line.

find your grapevine
because your story
needs an audience

how are you going to get the word out there that your company is more than just a flashy logo? by finding out where your employees hang out online.
they'll help you figure whether to prioritize your website, social media, or an avante-garde performance art piece.

find your message
nobody nails the story
on their first try

you didn't figure out the best time to avoid the lunchtime rush in the cafeteria overnight.
you have the core content needed to make a splash, but turning that into a red-hot talent pipeline takes ongoing refinement.

SEO is how you get (and stay) ahead in recruiting

don't lose out on the best talent for your company just because they can't find you