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we make recruiting rewarding, and take your Mondays from "meh" to "I actually didn't think about Friday!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Lexcan?
    We're a friendly company that loves to help other companies get more quality hires using well-established marketing and content strategies (aka "Recruitment Marketing", if you want to put a label on it).
  • What does Lexcan do?
    Yikes... really putting us on the spot here, eh?
    Well, since you asked, we do a lot.
    Like, a lot a lot.
    To keep it short, we give companies a competitive edge in today's job market, whether that means optimizing existing processes or building your recruiting strategy from scratch.
    Oh, and we do it all while making your recruitment process as smooth as a Casanova pickup line.
  • Specifically, what can Lexcan do for my company?
    Imagine having an office buddy who doesn't just join you for lunch breaks but actually helps you get work done.
    That's us, but for your entire recruitment and marketing process.
    We take the load off your shoulders by creating effective recruitment processes, managing your brand reputation, and developing social media and SEO strategies that get you noticed by quality candidates.
    It's like having an extra team member, minus the extra coffee grounds in your sink.

    If you want to get more specific than that, you'll have to book a meeting with us 😉.
  • What makes Lexcan different?
    You know that one coworker who's always there for you, no matter what? It's kind of like that but for your entire company.

    We're not just another recruitment marketing firm - our clients actually ask us for longer meetings, which might be because we make it so obvious that we're emotionally invested in your successand the people behind it (i.e., YOU).

    We're there for you, and we help you achieve your goals.
  • I already pay
    [insert job board here]
    a LOT of money every month - why should I pay Lexcan too (or instead)?
    We get it, spending money on something like "recruitment marketing" might seem like buying the office lobster frittatas instead of donuts. But hear us out. Investing in your recruiting process is like upgrading from stale potato chips to fresh, gourmet poutine. Sure, both are made with potatoes, but that's where the similarities end.

    That's what we do - provide high-quality, satisfying results that make every penny worth it.
  • Does Lexcan do anything else?
    Absolutely! Recruitment marketing is our jam, but - in case you haven't noticed yet - our services have a lot of overlap with traditional marketing and SEO.
    Put plainly, our services help people find you, and it's up to you whether you want to be more visible to future employees or future customers.

    Either way, we've got you covered.
  • Does Lexcan work with businesses of all sizes?
    Absolutely! Whether your company is as compact as the tiny office kitchen or as big as the endless maze of cubicles, we're ready to roll.
    Our strategies are like office floor plans, and they work for open-concept start-ups just as well as traditional multi-layered corporations. We tailor our services to your company's size and culture, making sure we get the best fit.
  • I just heard of recruitment marketing for the first time today - how do I know if it's what my company needs right now?
    Well, let's put it this way. If recruitment marketing was a fancy new espresso machine in the break room, would you wait until your old, grumbling coffee maker gave out, or would you jump at the chance to get that silky, artisan coffee right away?
    If you're struggling to attract and hire qualified candidates, spending too much time on the hiring process, or simply feel that your company isn't reaching its full potential, it's time to consider recruitment marketing.
    But don't just take our word for it. We're happy to discuss it over a virtual cup of coffee!
  • Where are your offices? We'd like to meet in person!
    We're happy to call Lexington, Kentucky home. We're 80% "The Office" and 20% "Mad Men" (well, the marketing/advertising part... not the excessive smoking and casual sexism).
    If you're in Lexington or fancy a road trip, we'd be thrilled to meet you in person and chat about how we can help your company!
    If you're farther away, we're happy to be masters of the digital meet-and-greet.
    Don't worry, we (probably) won't make you sit through any awkward icebreakers.
  • Bottom line: how can you prove you're worth the money?
    Fair question.
    Picture this: You're at the office, and you've just pulled off a successful project. Your team's high-fiving and you're feeling like a million bucks. That's the feeling we aim to give our clients with our services.
    Can you be 100% certain we're going to deliver if you don't already know us? Of course not!
    Then again, you're reading this right now, so clearly we've done something right already.

    At Lexcan, we prove our worth by delivering tangible results, like increased brand visibility, improved social media engagement, and a smooth, efficient recruitment process that attracts high-quality candidates. You're the only one who knows if that's something worth investing in!
  • Alright, you've answered all my questions except for one: Why "Lexcan"?
    In a world where creativity is the lifeblood of any company that does some sort of marketing, "Lexcan" is the one exception - more like an adorable hiccup in the setup process.
    Picture this: the company takes root in the heart of the Bluegrass - LEXington, while the founder hails from farther North - CANada.

    It's almost like he thought, "Let's smush these two together and call it a day."

    Either way, "Lexcan" was born, leaving behind an almost hilarious number of more obvious and/or fitting names. I guess they didn't have the same ring?
    The more likely answer is, that morning, a maple syrup-induced sugar rush hijacked his decision-making. But hey, at least it makes for a sweet story.

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