don't want

doing the same thing as your competitors doesn't make you stand out
attract the candidates you want by showcasing what they want

have you ever thrown a party and forgotten to invite anyone?

you got a caterer, made a great playlist, pulled out all kinds of fun games... but nobody shows up.

the weirdest part is that everyone who's come to your parties before always talks about what a great time they have - they even tell their friends about your parties when you aren't around!

welcome to modern recruiting, where having a job opening and a job board post is a losing strategy. when you post to job boards, the only people who see your opening are people who are actively looking for work. these people aren't finding your job because they searched for your company, they're searching for a job title, and they're searching across the country.

too often, these applicants you get from job boards are only comparing compensation, and maybe some key benefits.
they aren't researching company cultures on job posts, because they can't - too many companies exaggerate their offerings to stand out. you don't, so you don't even get a chance to show these candidates why they'll actually like working at your company.

so, if talking about your culture on job posts isn't the right answer, what else can you do?


you won't find a dance partner without getting out of your chair

it's time to put yourself out there.
bust a move, cut a rug, and show the world what you're really about.
meet your ideal candidates at whatever dance floor they're on, and let them get to know you as more than just a paycheck.

ditch the wallflower persona and become the life of the party

from invisible to irresistible in 3 simple steps

because your company culture shouldn't be an afterthought for candidates

identify your inner star
what does your ideal
candidate care about?
your ideal candidates don't care about the same parts of your business that you do. you need to look beyond the surface to find what makes you truly unique (and appealing) to the candidates you want to hire.
crank up the brightness
find the right way to
showcase what matters
once you've identified what makes you stand out to your ideal candidate, it's time to work out the right way to spread the word, and the right places to do it.
keep the light burning
making sure your new look
isn't a brief flash
all the work you've put in to identify how and where to showcase your new persona will go to waste if it isn't supported by consistency. it's time to solidify these new practices as a core part of your talent attraction strategy for the long term.

it's your time to shine

show the right people, the right company info, at the right time. click to get started!