Get Ahead in Talent Acquisition with Recruitment Marketing

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The world of Talent acquisition moves quickly and has moved especially fast in recent years. To stay ahead, you need to understand the art and science of recruitment marketing. Recruitment marketing is a dynamic field, somewhere between human resources and marketing. For businesses eager to stand out in very competitive job markets, it’s also become a bit of a secret weapon.

The term "recruitment marketing" may conjure up images of job ads and career fairs, but it's so much more than that. It's a holistic approach to showcasing your company as a desirable place to work. It’s a way of drawing in top talent like a magnet and engaging them throughout their candidate journey. It’s a "branding service" for your company's human resources department.

Lexcan Blog 2 Blog Quote Images (1300 × 600 px) (1)Here's what you'll find in today's post:

Embracing the Challenges

Lexcan Blog 2 Blog Quote Images (1300 × 600 px)Navigating the talent acquisition landscape today can feel akin to walking a tightrope, with formidable challenges looming on all sides. First and foremost, companies are struggling to hire the talent they need at a pace that keeps up with their growth. It's comparable to running a relay race with a team of sloths—adorable, but not exactly sprinters.

Secondly, the scarcity of resources and budget constraints are making it difficult for many teams to meet recruiting goals. It's like trying to cook a gourmet meal with just a few basic ingredients—possible, but certainly challenging.

Adding to the conundrum is the lack of clarity in many talent acquisition strategies and plans. Some teams find themselves as lost as a penguin in a desert, with more questions than answers.

embrace changeBut that's not all; there's a growing concern that's becoming increasingly impossible to ignore: outdated technology. Typewriters can’t send emails, and aging technology won’t help you hit your hiring goals.

Now, while these challenges may seem too big to overcome, they also present an opportunity for growth and innovation. For instance, consider investing in modern recruiting tools like Greenhouse or Lever to bring your tech stack up to speed.

Remember, clarity in your talent acquisition strategy often starts with open communication. So, create a space for dialogues, ask for feedback, and collaborate with your team to define clear, achievable goals. And while budget constraints are tough, they can also inspire creative, cost-effective strategies, as we've discussed earlier.


Maximizing Limited Resources

recruitment marketing to attract employees (1)In an era where purse strings are tightening, almost 50% of recruitment teams anticipate no change in their budgets this year. But don't surrender just yet, dear recruiters, for every cloud has a silver lining. The beacon of hope in this scenario? Organic recruitment marketing strategies; our unsung heroes in the talent marketing realm.

These strategies can range from crafting a well-thought-out content plan to engaging potential candidates on social media platforms. If you work in recruiting and still only use social media for cat videos, you’ve fallen behind. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok have become pivotal in reaching out to passive talent.

Another low-to-no-cost strategy is kickstarting a career blog or building a talent network. These platforms can be platforms for telling your company's story, showcasing employee experiences, and creating a personalized connection with potential candidates.

Throughout all of this, it’s important to remember: cost-free doesn't equate to value-free. Just as we appreciate free office coffee, these cost-effective strategies can deliver valuable results. It's about making the most of what we have, because even when resources are limited, creativity knows no bounds.


Employer Branding - The Key to Talent Attraction

Most of us don’t stop to think about how many brand’s catchphrases and jingles get stuck in our mind. Taking this idea and applying it to recruitment is how we get the magic of employer branding.

Whether you're giving your brand a makeover or creating a new one, you need a compelling, authentic, and distinct employer brand. This is your secret ingredient to drawing in top talent.

employer brandingYour employer brand is your company's unique signature; a distinctive mark that sets you apart in the crowded employer marketplace. A well-defined and clearly-communicated brand turns your company into a magnet for talent. Qualified candidates become enticed to join your team. On the flip side, a lackluster brand might just send the unintended message: "Nothing exciting happening here."

At this point, you might be wondering what the first step is to build an appealing employer brand. Start by understanding and showcasing what makes your company special. Maybe it's your flexible work policies, your commitment to employee development, or your company's mission to make a difference.

Once you've identified these key factors, communicate them effectively. Use every tool at your disposal, from your careers page to your social media channels, to get this message across.

Remember, your employer brand isn't just a recruitment tool; it's a representation of your company's identity. As Richard Branson famously said, "A company's employees are its greatest asset." Treat your employer brand with the same care and importance.


The Power of Social Recruiting and the Need for Diversity

difficult for many teams to meet recruiting goals (2)

social recruitingIf you’ve tried to catch a fish with your hands, you know what recruiting without social media feels like; you're missing out on a vast sea of talent.

Unfortunately, merely being on social media isn't enough. Telling a joke without the punchline won’t get any laughs, and posting without sparking engagement won’t help with hiring. You need to create compelling content that resonates with your audience. It could be a behind-the-scenes tour, employee stories, or showcasing your company culture.

Remember the goal isn't just to attract talent—it's to interact with them, to start a conversation. Tools like Hootsuite or Buffer can help you manage your social media presence and engagement effectively.

But let's not overlook the importance of diversity. A diverse team isn't just a check in the box—it's a springboard for innovation and success. When crafting job advertisements, it's crucial to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Use inclusive language and showcase your company's commitment to diversity. Platforms like Jopwell or Fairygodboss that are focused on diverse job seekers can give you a hand with this. Remember, a diverse workplace isn't just about variety—it's about creating a culture of acceptance and mutual respect.



Recruitment marketing isn't just a passing trend—it's a potent instrument that can dramatically shape your talent acquisition outcomes. With the right blend of strategies, you’ll tackle your challenges, amplify your limited resources, grow your employer brand, and harness the power of social recruiting to set you ahead in the race.

Recruitment is a dance — it's fine to shuffle around with the music but bust out some big moves, and people start to gather around you. So, embrace these best practices, get out there, and prepare to dance your way to talent acquisition triumph. After all, successful recruitment isn't just about hiring—it's about drawing in, captivating, and preserving top-tier talent.

With the right combination of recruitment marketing tactics, even the most hard-to-reach candidates will start to look your way. Perhaps a little help from a trusted marketing agency or some branding services is all your company needs to become the next buzzword in the talent market. Remember, the sky’s the limit in recruitment, and if you’re having trouble finding talent, remember - they might just be waiting for the right dance partner.